Bus and Route Configuration

Marin Transit contracts with Michael’s Transportation for five buses to provide 19 routes to White Hill Middle School, Hidden Valley and Ross Valley Charter. 17 of these routes serve WHMS. In the morning, demand is spread between the 0 and 1st periods which allows for the re-use of the buses for multiple routes.  In the afternoon, however, all of the WHMS students are released at the same time. In order to serve the same number of students in the afternoon as the morning, four of the buses return to campus after completing a first route. We understand that these routes after the buses return to campus are the least desirable routes due to their late departure from school. Unfortunately, it is the only way that we can increase the supply of available seats with the six buses under contract.

The program is funded through a combination of pass sales revenue and contributions from Measure AA (via Marin Transit), County of Marin, Town of San Anselmo, and Town of Fairfax. It costs approximately $100,000 per year to contract a bus. In order for a bus to be added to the contract an additional $50,000 in subsidy would need to be raised in addition to the revenue contributed through pass sales. Additional funding from the local partners is not available and we will not be able to add a seventh bus to the contract for the 2020/21 academic year. Click here to learn more about program funding. 

Bus/Route Pairings 2021/22

 Bus 1 Bus 2 Bus 3 Bus 4 Bus 5
HV-1 AM WH-7 AM WH-17 AM WH-7 AM WH-18 AM
HV-1 PM WH-11 PM WH-15 PM WH-9 PM WH-10 PM
WH-14 PM WH-16 PM WH-13 PM WH-12 PM